KYOCERA CASIO G-SHOCK series watches for artificial opal

KYOCERA decorative materials used in the crowd of the popular watch industry KYOCERA Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "KYOCERA") development alone and is widely used as decorative materials of KYOCERA made artificial opal (KYOCERA artificial opal in Japan called "Kyoto opal", therefore hereinafter referred to as the "Kyoto opal"), this is for CASIO Computer Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "CASIO") new the global flagship product "G-SHOCK" series watch GLS-5600KL. The "Kyoto opal" is used in watches, KYOCERA is still in for the first time in history. KYOCERA made artificial opal for CASIO G-SHOCK series watches (map) The use of KYOCERA made artificial opal CASIO "G-SHOCK" series of watches - by The new GLS-5600KL is in the foundation of the rolex replica uk appearance of elegant appearance and popularity times angle type "G-SHOCK" on the 5600, vitality fashion watches use high gloss resin materials, mainly for the fashion sensitive 10-20 year-old male users. This watch is part of the dial by KYOCERA developed the "Kyoto opal". "Kyoto opal has so far launched a total of 12 basic colors, exotic travel unique color effect opal showing color and gorgeous dazzling light, is its unique charm. It is not only consistent with mainstream users of the tastes of young people, but also the concept of GLS-5600KL and full of personality and to the new in order to be different by this special agree without prior without previous consultation. KYOCERA made artificial opal for swiss replica watches G-SHOCK series watches (map) Color frame KYOCERA artificial opal In the "Kyoto opal" watch parts The first part, is about 2.3cm and the width of cutting up the size of the 2.6cm, then put the sliced "Kyoto opal". "Kyoto opal" due to the addition of resin materials, so as to overcome the natural opal original fragile and difficult processing and the processing of various shapes of the opal becomes reality. The black watch "Honghua Tang", purple and white watches are made up of "Hu powder" and "Kyoto opal". KYOCERA made artificial opal for rolex replica watches G-SHOCK series watches (map) Flaky KYOCERA artificial opal (cases) This product in August 2nd this year (local time) in the United States by the World Tour Exhibition hosted by CASIO SHOCK THE WORLD 2010 debut in New York. Scheduled for the future, including Japan and China, including North America and Europe and other parts of the world will also be on sale. - News Links - on "Kyoto opal" "Kyoto opal" is used as a decorative material for KYOCERA is widely used color opal artificial opal pet. KYOCERA uses the same natural Opal and quartz particles, using synthetic gemstones original technology, carefully cultivating and processing long time. KYOCERA unique dyeing technology adds the color diversity, impregnation technology is to overcome the vulnerability of opal is extremely fragile, and the way of cutting various have become possible. The opal caused by the structure of the chatoyancy effect is not only the world the one and only, and luxurious atmosphere unique noble opal is unmatched resin molding products. KYOCERA made artificial opal for CASIO G-SHOCK series watches (map)